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Deal of the Week
By: L. Dixon
Fifty fresh speeches from William Shakespeare's plays, hand-picked for young people and prefaced with easy-to-use guides that explain who is speaking; where, when, and to whom; what has just happened in the play; and what the character's objectives are—everything actors need to know!
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Music & Librettos
By: Julian Woolford
A practical guide to, and history of, musical theatre. What makes the great shows work, and why some never did. An invaluable inside account from a writer and director of many successful musicals, jam-packed with great advice, information and exercises designed to help new musicals be as good as they can get. How Musicals Work is... read more
By: David Craig
A terrific take on theatre singing by a master teacher. David Craig knows more about singing in the musical theatre than anyone in this country – which probably means the world. Time and time again his advice and training have resulted in actors moving from non-musical theatre into musicals with ease and expertise. "Short of taking... read more
By: Larry Mitchell
After 40 years of producing musicals for high school, university, and semi-professional theatres, Larry Mitchell's A Practical Handbook for Musical Theatre (Fifth Edition) is the leading how-to book in the field. Chapters include "Choosing the Musical"; "190 Musicals from Which to Choose," containing recommended musicals of... read more
By: Jonathan Larson
The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical

Finally, an authorized libretto to this modern day classic! Rent won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, as well as four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score for Jonathan Larson. The story of Mark, Roger, Maureen, Tom Collins, Angel, Mimi,... read more

By: Steven Sater, Music by Duncan Sheik
Spring Awakening is an extraordinary new rock musical with book and lyrics by Steven Sater and music by Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Duncan Sheik. Inspired by Frank Wedekind’s controversial 1891 play about teenage sexuality and society’s efforts to control it, the piece seamlessly merges past and present, underscoring... read more
By: Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler, Introduction by Christopher Bond. “Mr. Sondheim fearlessly explores psychic caverns where civilized people are not dying to go ... A naked Sweeney Todd stands revealed as a musical of naked rage, chewing up everyone in its path as it spits out blood and tears.” – Frank Rich, The New York Times • “A work of... read more
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