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Peter Gwinn
Peter Gwinn
Peter Gwinn began improvising with the group Cujokra at Carleton College and has never stopped. He studied with Charna Halpern and Del Close at Chicago’s world-renowned i.O. Theater, where he performed and taught. Peter then moved to New York City, where he now performs and teaches at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Peter is also the founder of Baby Wants Candy, whose improvised musicals and rock operas have amazed sold-out audiences all over the world. In addition to his work at the UCB Theatre, Peter is currently a writer for The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. He lives in New York City with his lovely wife, Emily.
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Who would have thought that participating in group improv could be so enlightening and rewarding! Peter Gwinn and his colleagues at the ImprovOlympic theatre in Chicago have developed 'The Group Mind' to create a new awareness in the mind and spirit of any group or team. 'The Group Mind', the Holy Grail of improvisation, is created by a... read more

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