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Patrick Gabridge
Patrick Gabridge
Patrick Gabridge has written numerous plays, including Constant State of Panic, Pieces of Whitey, Blinders, and Reading the Mind of God, which have been staged in theatres across the country. His first novel, Tornado Siren, was recently published by Behler Publications.
Gabridge is a member of the Dramatists Guild and a board member of Boston's StageSource. He co-founded Boston's Rhombus writers group in 2003, and also started the on-line Playwright Submission Binge (which has turned into an international community of over 500 writers), the Chameleon Stage Theatre (Denver), Bare Bones Productions theatre company (New York), and the newsletter, Market InSight for Playwrights.
Gabridge is a 2010 Huntington Playwriting Fellow with the Huntington Theatre Company.
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