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Olivia Arieti
Olivia Arieti is an English teacher who lives in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy, with her family. Besides her work with Heuer and Brooklyn Publishers, her play, DAWNLESS DAYS has been published by Desert Road Publishing, ELIZA AND THE ROYAL SWANS by JAC Publishing & Promotions, and with the most recent, RABBIE BURNS’ NIGHT, she has eleven plays with Lazy Bee Scripts. FLIGHT ATP12 was produced by Gulfport Community Players (FL), JUST FOR YOU by Blue Box Productions (NYC), CONTEMPTUOUSLY IN LOVE by Ciona Taylor Productions (NYC); her one-minute works by Gi60 Screaming Media Productions NYC, UK, Spare Change Theatre, NYC and Eclectic Theatre Company, FL.
Her plays, UP NORTE and NIGHT INTRUDERS, finalists in the R.J. Flores Short Play Reading Series, had staged readings in New York City. THE TEACHER, an adaptation of a short story of A. Chekhov, was recently produced at the Viaduct Theatre, Chicago for the Neapolitans Off-Chekhov Festival. She has just signed an agreement for her second play with JAC Publishing & Promotions, MERLIN AND THE KING.
Her poems and short stories have appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies in the USA and UK.
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