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Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson graduated from Cal State University, Chico in 1974 with a degree in English. He received his teaching credential the following year from Chico, and did graduate work at Fresno State and Fresno Pacific College. He has been teaching in the Visalia Unified School District for twenty-three years and has taught theatre arts for the past eighteen years. He currently teaches three levels of drama, along with American Literature and Advanced Composition/Grammar. He directs and produces plays for Golden West High School and his directed over fifty plays and musicals thus far. He is also a professional musician, playing guitar for a ten-piece soul, funk and classic rock band named Run 4 Cover. He has performed in different parts of California, Las Vegas and at Super Bowl XXIII.
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Twenty cuttings for acting and directing practice. A better way to get students excited about acting Shakespeare, from a twenty-year drama instructor. Breaking Shakespeare’s plays into small, workable scenes improves students’ interest, enthusiasm, and performance. Each scene is preceded by a list of lead and supporting characters and... read more
Fifteen cuttings for the classroom. Many instructors teach Shakespeare by studying only one of his many plays, owing to time constraints. Now students are able to easily study a variety of his works and come to a more complete understanding of the world’s most famous playwright. Only scenes with small casts, between two and seven... read more

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