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Mary Kaye Boyle
M. K. Boyle has been writing dramatic sketches for over twenty years. Before obtaining her degree in nursing, she traveled with a local Christian drama company as one of the performers. She soon started writing their material and became encouraged by the reaction of the audience. Her first sketch, "An Adam and Eve Tale," remains a favorite, especially among youth groups. In addition, she has published several collections of sketches for Advent. She is the drama director at her church and a member of the Christian Writers' Guild. She lives with her husband, Jim, and three children, Adam, Jami and Lauren, in Thornton, Colorado.
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Act up in church and get away with it! Your congregation will applaud the wit and whimsy in these sketches. Jump-start your church's worship routine with a fresh take on Christian concepts with help from fun props (like a spray can of "Grouch-Be-Gone"), settings (an interrogation room), and characters (e.g., wacky psychiatrist Dr.... read more
Whether it's running on a treadmill to nowhere or a Twilight Zone spoof, M.K. Boyle brings home the humor and pathos of the human condition. The popularity of her first book of comic sketches prompted this follow-up. Eminently relatable and incredibly goofy, there's a year's worth of sketches for many themes and occasions. Small... read more

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