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Mary Krell-Oishi
Mary Krell-Oishi
Mary Krell-Oishi has just begun her third decade teaching Theatre at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, CA. (She began teaching at the age of nine years old … honest!) She continues to be inspired and enriched by the students who have passed through her classroom and crossed the stage. Mary takes an enormous amount of pride and joy from the many letters and e-mails she has received from young actors from as far away as Ireland and New Zealand who have performed her short plays and have wanted to share their excitement with her. She plans to continue to write for young adults for both the stage and in fiction. Married since 1977 to her wonderful husband, Harris, she splits her living time between Yorba Linda and Big Bear, CA. As her son, Rick, was recently married to the lovely Shay, Mary cannot wait to have grandchildren to take to the theatre, shower with gifts, spoil and send back to the unsuspecting parents.
Works by Mary Krell-Oishi on
Forty-eight true-to-life scenes for guys, girls and mixed casts of 2 to 4 actors. Written as teens speak with the drama and emotions of adolescence. Themes include bullying, dating, driving, clothes, sports, sibling rivalry, self-esteem, vanity, jobs, sex, responsibility, drugs and many more. Some scenes are humorous, others serious.... read more
Snapshot dramatizations about life in high school. Thirty-four real life scenes for guys and girls and mixed casts of two to four actors. Suitable for classroom or stage performance. Excellent contest scripts because student actors portray themselves in the bearable and impossible situations of teenage existence. Themes include... read more

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