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Marla Schwartz
Marla E. Schwartz (Playwright, The Fallen Princess and Scrawny Little Christmas Trees) has had numerous plays such as A Mother's Will, A Part of the Family, Brunch Soon, Captaine Ellen, The Carlotta Smythe Show, God's Love Lights, If You Leave Me, I'll..., The Imitators, J.R.'s Last Flight, Peace in the Mid-East?, Roadway to Heaven, She, The Ashley Gang, The NDCC, The One-Upon-a-Time Princess and Transliteration appear in productions or various levels of staged-readings in cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York. Her ten-minute play, The Lunch Time Cafe was a finalist at the Annual Humana Ten-Minute Play Festival at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. Her first full-length play (A Part of the Family) was developed through Venture Theatre's (in Philadelphia) "Playwright Connection Program." At the moment she has eight one-act plays under production consideration at four different theater companies in New York. She has studied playwriting with Edward Albee, Conrad Bishop, Clay Goss, Maria Irene Fornes, Megan Terry, Ed Shockley and Jeffrey Sweet. At various times (when she can afford it) Marla has been a member of the following organizations: The Author's League of America, The Brick Playhouse, The Dramatists Guild, The International Center for Women Playwrights, The Philadelphia Dramatists Center, The Philadelphia Theatre Artists Co-Operative and The Society for Professional Journalists. She began her writing career in high school as a journalist and photographer (sports, news, features, arts) for various professional publications in Ohio where she grew up. Marla has taught many playwriting classes with institutions such as the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival (also served on the Literary Committee) and Venture Theatre.
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A very merry collection of ten-minute Christmas plays wrapped in holiday cheer! A full collection of dramatic and comedic titles with a wide variety of holiday themes including Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, and even a Rockette! 'Tis the season for theater so bake your fruitcake, pour your cocoa, and have a holly jolly time with The... read more

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