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Kimberly A. McCormick
Kimberly McCormick teaches English and drama to middle school and elementary students in the Wilmington School District. She introduces her students, no matter what grade level, to the enjoyment of theatre arts in the classroom through role-playing, monologs and short skits. Kimberly has a B.S. in Education from Slippery Rock State University and a Masters in Education with a Reading Specialist Certification from Westminster College. She studied theatre in college and was involved with the New Castle Playhouse for several years. She is currently an active member of the drama team at First Baptist Church of New Castle, Pennsylvania. Kimberly’s hobbies are singing, acting, taking long walks and writing. She enjoys life in the hills of western Pennsylvania with her husband, Rod, her two daughters, Kaycee and Nicolette, and her collie dog, Bella.
Works by Kimberly A. McCormick on
Seventy-Five Monologues for Girls

At last. A book of insightful monologues for girls only! This collection of monologues deals with the dilemmas that teenage girls face everyday at school, at home, and in general society. Sometimes real life events can be funny, but more often they are difficult. These monologues reflect... read more

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