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Joyce Pike
Joyce Pike
Joyce Pike was born in the small New Zealand town of Te Aroha and grew up in a family where knitting, sewing and handcrafts were part of life. In 1968 Joyce emigrated to South Africa, along with her South African husband and their three young children. Two more children were born within the next few years. After being widowed for the second time, she married Eric Pike, a priest in the Anglican Church. Only after their combined family of seven children had grown up was there time to depart from the basic skills of sewing to explore the art of appliqué, from which her banner ministry has developed and grown. Frequently God gives the complete banner and appropriate Scripture to Joyce through dreams. With no training in design, putting these ideas on paper proved quite difficult. Joyce has enjoyed Anne Robinson's skill in this area, along with the way she has interpreted the ideas God has given her. Joyce and Anne have worked together on banners for several years.
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You've never seen banners like these before! These stunning designs were created to enhance worship, and they do just that—beautifully. For banner-makers who wish to try something new, this book introduces a wide variety of innovative techniques and ideas. It goes far beyond pieces of felt glued on a background. There are unique designs... read more

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