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Jeff Lovett
Jeff Lovett
Jeff Lovett has been active in community and children's theatre for several years as an actor, director and playwright. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1984 with a degree in journalism and drama and has written more than twenty full length plays in the past three decades that have been performed throughout the United States and internationally. Jeff's play, Simply Divided, will be featured in an Off Broadway production in NYC in 2013. Jeff is also a novelist, having written and published four novels. He lives in Georgia with his wife and three college aged children.
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A very merry collection of ten-minute Christmas plays wrapped in holiday cheer! A full collection of dramatic and comedic titles with a wide variety of holiday themes including Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, and even a Rockette! 'Tis the season for theater so bake your fruitcake, pour your cocoa, and have a holly jolly time with The... read more

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