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Jack Frakes
Jack Frakes
Most of Jack Frakes’ adult life has been involved in playwriting and teaching and directing theatre. He began his theatre career early, acting in elementary school. He joined Mary MacMurtrie’s Tucson Children’s Theatre for a number of years and continued to act in a variety of productions through high school, college and, later, many community theatres. Mr. Frakes is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. After graduating from the University of Arizona as a psychology major, he took courses in speech and drama at San Diego State University, followed by graduate work in theatre at Stanford University. Of his fourteen years teaching high school drama Mr. Frakes says, “This was a very productive period in my life and an extremely rewarding experience. I was fortunate to have many bright and talented students from that era who still remain true and valued friends.” He moved on to serve as the drama coordinator for the Tucson Unified School District, where he developed curriculum and conducted acting and directing workshops for teachers and students from kindergarten through high school. During this time he was actively involved in statewide Thespian conferences. A move to the northern California bay area in the 1980s led to Mr. Frakes serving as artistic director of a community theatre in south San Francisco, where he directed numerous productions. In 2001 he returned to Tucson, where he currently lives with his wife. A lifetime interest in playwriting has led Mr. Frakes to numerous original productions as well as publications of four one-act plays by Samuel French: Final Dress Rehearsal, Once Upon a Playground, Sally and Sam and The Spoofydoof’s Funnybone. He is a longtime member of the Dramatists’ Guild of America and meets regularly with Old Pueblo Playwrights.
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