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Elaine Clanton Harpine
Elaine Clanton Harpine, PhD, is a motivational psychologist specializing in conducting and evaluating group programs with children and youth. Dr. Clanton Harpine has thirty years experience working in the church as a training consultant, conducting workshops on such topics as marriage, leadership development, family relations and motivational reading for at-risk readers. She is presently teaching at Kent State University, Stark, and conducting research on motivational reading programs with inner-city children. Dr. Clanton Harpine earned her doctorate in Educational Psychology, Counseling, from the University of Illinois and her master’s in group communication from Texas Tech University. She is the author of eight books, including No Experience Necessary!, which received an Award of Excellence from Group Publishing in 1995 and was selected as one of the top five children’s worship books in its class. She is also the author of The Christment Tree series on making Christian ornaments for the Christmas tree. Her published writings for teens include articles on peer pressure, coping with failure, alcohol abuse and suicide. Dr. Clanton Harpine has been featured on local early morning TV programs and in a local radio interview concerning her workshop “Communication for Married Couples” and is presently directing the Reading Orienteering Program, a motivational reading program for first- through third-grade inner-city children.
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A pattern book which illustrates how to construct these beautiful religious ornaments for your tree at home. This book shows how to make twenty-one different Christments with a supply list, bead counts, a designated difficulty level, a construction diagram, and a photo of the finished product provided for each Christment.
The first collection of Christment patterns was so successful that we asked the author to come up with twenty-one more all-new beaded ornaments. This new collection, with the theme of "We Follow Jesus," will add beauty and Christian significance to your Christmas tree. These Christments may be used alone or as a complement to the first... read more
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Beaded ornaments tell the story in Elaine Clanton Harpine's newest collection of Christments. The designs focus on the symbolic meaning of each aspect of the Christmas story. Over half of the Christments in this volume are easy enough for first- through third-graders to make. The reason for Christmas is... read more

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