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Edward J. Nevraumont
Edward Nevraumont began improvising with the Canadian Improv Games while in high school. Since then his improv scope has broadened considerably. He has worked in improvised inner theatre, coached a high school improv team for six years, created the Kingston Improv Games, developed training materials and facilitated events for drama teachers across Canada. He has studied many different improv schools of thought and worked with everyone from Keith Johnstone to Paul Sills, from Garry Austin to Michael Gellman. He has written training materials for utilizing improvisation in the business world for Queen’s University School of Industrial Relations. Currently Edward is using his improvisation techniques as a manager with Procter and Gamble and as one of three directors of “Improv Toronto.”
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This comprehensive manual shows the who, what, when, why and how of comedy improvisation. It is a complete improv curriculum program divided into four sections. The introduction explains what improv is and how to create an improv team. Improvisational skills shows some basic rules, physicalization, characterization, teamwork, use of... read more

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