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Edited by Steven H. Gale
Steven H. Gale received his B.A. from Duke University (where he participated in Duke Players productions), his M.A. from the University of California at Lost Angeles and his PhD from the University of Southern California. He has taken post-graduate courses at several universities, including MIT and Oxford University (Christ Church). He has taught at UCLA, USC, the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Liberia (as a Fulbright Professor of American and British Literature and Director of University Players), the University of Florida, Missouri Southern State and Kentucky State University (he is the University Endowed Chair in the Humanities). Besides 20 scholarly books and 150 articles on drama, film, folktales and British, American and African literature, he has published short stories, poetry and one-act plays. Gale is internationally recognized as the leading authority on the works of Harold Pinter (eleven books, including the standard bibliography and Butter’s Going Up: A Critical Analysis of Harold Pinter’s Work, one of the first major monographs on Pinter); he was the founding president of the Harold Pinter Society and is a founding co-editor of The Pinter Review: Annual Essays. Gale has also acted in local productions and directed both university players and small theatre groups, and he has taught a course in acting. He is currently working on a study of Pinter’s screenplays, a novel and a screenplay.
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Professional auditions for student actors

A collection of forty selections from some of the most important contemporary plays and playwrights of the 1990's. These selections reflect actors' and student actors' desires for new and fresh scenes and monologs -- pieces that are up-to-date and exciting to perform. The drama book... read more

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