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Edited by Nicole Potter
Nicole Potter is the senior editor at Allworth Press and an adjunct professor in the theatre department of Marymount Manhattan College. She has been the editor of numerous theater and film books and has written articles for film magazines, including Films in Review and The Perfect Vision. An MFA graduate in performing, her extensive theatrical background includes ten years as a member of The Irondale Ensemble, during which she had leading roles in both original works and in productions of Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekov, and Brecht. She continues to act and direct at venues in the New York City area. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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In this rich resource for American actors, renowned movement teachers and directors reveal the physical skills needed for the stage and screen. This collection of essays explains not only particular disciplines and why the skills involved are valuable to performers, but also provides ready-to-use exercises and approaches for... read more

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