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Edited by Deb Bert
Deb Bert earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Montana State University-Billings, where she graduated with high honors. A native of Montana, Deb writes under the pen name of Madeleine Martin. Her scripts have been produced in Montana, Texas, and off-off-Broadway in New York. She is currently writing a children’s book as well as continuing her play writing. When she's not absorbed in theatre-related activities, Deb enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her good friend and companion Geppetto, a Maltese.
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A new anthology of complete one-act plays for one, two, or three actors

This latest volume in a series of short play anthologies compiled by Deb and Norman Bert provides roles for almost any mix of students in an acting class. The plays in this drama book range in mood from serious and heavy to dark or satiric comedy to... read more

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