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Daniel Guyton
Daniel Guyton
Daniel Guyton has won numerous awards, including two Kennedy Center-ACTF awards for his plays 'Attic' and 'Where's Julie?' He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Georgia, and now resides just south of Atlanta. His plays have been produced in New York City, Iceland, LA, Canada, and more. Many of his plays have been published, and he is excited to be part of the Heuer catalog with his 10-minute Christmas plays 'Death of a Snowman', 'Rosie, the Retired Rockette', 'How I Met Your Santa' and 'Rebel Without a Claus'. For more information, please visit:
Visit Daniel Guyton's web page.
Works by Daniel Guyton on
A very merry collection of ten-minute Christmas plays wrapped in holiday cheer! A full collection of dramatic and comedic titles with a wide variety of holiday themes including Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, and even a Rockette! 'Tis the season for theater so bake your fruitcake, pour your cocoa, and have a holly jolly time with The... read more
It's impossible to cheat death, but we can have a little fun as we shuffle off this mortal coil. Sometimes you just need a sense of humor and other times, you need a hand to hold. Famous Last Words explores the effects of death, dying, grieving and resilience in 12 ten-minute masterpieces. The plays included in this anthology use... read more

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