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Brie Jones
Brie Stewart Jones academically as an M.A. in behavioral science from California State University at Dominguez Hills. Artistically, she has performed professionally on the stage since childhood in the United States and later in Europe. She financed her way through Los Angeles City College drama classes by portraying Mad Agnes and playing in olio skits at the long-running stage show, The Drunkard. Her television credits include, among others, several appearances on Dragnet, where Jack Webb became impressed with her work and paid for her wedding. In combining the two disciplines, behavioral science and theatre arts, she has conducted workshops for all ages in dramatic interaction. Improvisation is her favorite form of acting – onstage and off.
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This book is a complete improv curriculum program divided into twenty class-length workshops. Each workshop contains carefully selected exercises designed to help students focus on one aspect of a character’s personality. Students learn how to create characters from their own imaginations through the use of solo and ensemble pantomime,... read more

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