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Bill Majeski
Bill Majeski
“A writer’s writer” is perhaps the quickest way to describe the literary vitality and versatility of Bill Majeski. He has been a staff writer for the Johnny Carson Tonight Show on TV, script writer for other stage comedians and a journalist of wide experience. Over many years Bill has excelled as a reporter, feature writer and city editor of several big city newspapers. He has won Newspaper Guild writing awards along with many professional accolades. Though his work days have always been full of demanding deadlines, Bill has managed additionally to write twenty-two published plays and four non-fiction books for major publishers. Though his achievements in both the literary and semi-pro sports worlds have been exceptional, Bill has never lost his humility or sense of humor. When asked about his abilities as a public speaker he said, “The other day I spoke wittily, articulately, eloquently and forcefully – unfortunately, I was alone at the time.”
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A workbook of comedy characterizations for students. These are professional-level comedy monologues three to five minutes long easily performed by high school actors. Most all of the characterizations can be effectively performed by either sex. The emphasis is on comedy and social satire. Nothing is sacred, yet all monologues are... read more

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