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Arthur L. Zapel
Arthur Zapel lives in Westcliffe and Colorado Springs, Colorado. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, he began a career in broadcasting beginning as an announcer/actor and writer. In the earliest days of television he wrote and narrated some of the first, syndicated-on-film, TV drama series (Paradox and Dilemma) and a variety of other dramatic shows. This led to a position of writer/producer of national TV commercials for a major advertising agency. After retiring from advertising, he founded Arthur Meriwether Inc. (creative media services) and Contemporary Drama Service (a publishing house of plays and musicals for schools and churches). These companies evolved into Meriwether Publishing Ltd., a niche publishing house of theatrical arts books and video productions. He is currently employed as Executive Editor and Chairman of Meriwether Publishing Ltd.
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"'Twas the night before Christmas, and far above earth / The angels prepared to announce Jesus' birth." Clement Moore's beloved rhyme scheme forms the basis of this picture book for young children about the birth of Christ. The rhythm of the words is great for out-loud reading, and the richly-colored oil painting illustrations alone tell... read more

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