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Andrea Gibbs
Andrea Gibbs
Adrea Gibbs is a fifth-generation Californian whose first theatrical experience was appearing in the “Rocking Horse Dance” as part of an Arcadia (California) Parks and Recreation Dance recital at the tender age of five. She has had the good fortune to travel and live across the United States, Europe and Asia in a variety of capacities tied to entertainment, from performance to management. She has appeared in three companies of CATS and The German National Company’s production of Starlight Express. She was a trapeze artist with Troupe Hertz in the Moscow Circus, “Polly” in Crazy for You and Princess Leia for the grand opening of Star Tours at Disneyland. As a director and choreographer, she has created performances for the German and Czech Cultural Ministries, the Musical Theatre Guild (MTG), Walt Disney World, Disneyland, EuroDisneyland, the Cabrillo Music Theatre, Window on China and many other independent plays, musicals and special events. Ms. Gibbs’ love of working with children has prompted her to teach and develop programs for the Gymboree Corporation. She has also worked as Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood, instructed Moorpark Melodrama children’s workshops and taught everything form pre-school to college level classes and workshops ranging from dance and theatre to makeup and music performance. She is currently the Director of Children’s Programming for Oakridge Athletic Club in Simi Valley, California. Ms. Gibbs will soon have a PhD in communications from Columbus University.
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