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Alex Broun
Alex Broun
Born in Sydney, Australia, Alex has enjoyed considerable success in theatre, TV and film as a writer, actor and director. As a writer he has had many plays performed in the USA, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, the UK, Taiwan, the Philippines, Pakistan, Japan and Australia. He has also twice received funding from the Australian Film Commission as well as recently having two short screenplays filmed. One of the worlds leading ten minute playwrights, in recent years he has had over 40 short plays produced in over 200 productions across the globe. He has also recently had three ten-minute plays published in the USA. He is currently the Artistic Director of Short Sweet Theatre, the largest ten minute play festival in the world that currently plays in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Malaysia. Alex lives in Sydney, Australia. He has also recently launched a new website - where you can access and download many of his plays free of charge.
Visit Alex Broun's web page.
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